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    public TableSchema create(String schemaPrefix, String envelopSchemaName, Table table, Predicate<ColumnId> filter, ColumnMappers mappers) {
        if (schemaPrefix == null) schemaPrefix = "";
        final TableId tableId =;
        final String tableIdStr = tableId.toString();
        final String schemaNamePrefix = schemaPrefix + tableIdStr;
        LOGGER.debug("Mapping table '{}' to schemas under '{}'", tableId, schemaNamePrefix);
        SchemaBuilder valSchemaBuilder = SchemaBuilder.struct().name(schemaNameAdjuster.adjust(schemaNamePrefix + ".Value"));
        SchemaBuilder keySchemaBuilder = SchemaBuilder.struct().name(schemaNameAdjuster.adjust(schemaNamePrefix + ".Key"));
        AtomicBoolean hasPrimaryKey = new AtomicBoolean(false);
        table.columns().forEach(column -> {
            if (table.isPrimaryKeyColumn( {
                addField(keySchemaBuilder, column, null);
            if (filter == null || filter.test(new ColumnId(tableId, {
                ColumnMapper mapper = mappers == null ? null : mappers.mapperFor(tableId, column);
                addField(valSchemaBuilder, column, mapper);
        Schema valSchema = valSchemaBuilder.optional().build();
        Schema keySchema = hasPrimaryKey.get() ? : null;

        if (LOGGER.isDebugEnabled()) {
            LOGGER.debug("Mapped primary key for table '{}' to schema: {}", tableId, SchemaUtil.asDetailedString(keySchema));
            LOGGER.debug("Mapped columns for table '{}' to schema: {}", tableId, SchemaUtil.asDetailedString(valSchema));

        Envelope envelope = Envelope.defineSchema()

        Function<Object[], Object> keyGenerator = createKeyGenerator(keySchema, tableId, table.primaryKeyColumns());
        Function<Object[], Struct> valueGenerator = createValueGenerator(valSchema, tableId, table.columns(), filter, mappers);

        return new TableSchema(keySchema, keyGenerator, envelope, valSchema, valueGenerator);

    protected void addField(SchemaBuilder builder, Column column, ColumnMapper mapper) {
        SchemaBuilder fieldBuilder = valueConverterProvider.schemaBuilder(column);
        if (fieldBuilder != null) {
            if (mapper != null) {
                mapper.alterFieldSchema(column, fieldBuilder);
            if (column.isOptional()) fieldBuilder.optional();
            if (LOGGER.isDebugEnabled()) {
                LOGGER.debug("- field '{}' ({}{}) from column {}",, builder.isOptional() ? "OPTIONAL " : "",
        } else {
            LOGGER.warn("Unexpected JDBC type '{}' for column '{}' that will be ignored", column.jdbcType(),;

A factory for a function used to map values of a column. @author Randall Hauch
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