Java Code Examples for javax.lang.model.util.SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor7

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    public default void verifyGenericType()
    throws Exception {
        final Class<SUT> sut = createNewSUT();
        assertTrue("This j8unit test interface is used with a generic type that is illegaly not assignable to SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor7.class!",

A simple visitor for annotation values with default behavior appropriate for the SourceVersion#RELEA

SE_7 RELEASE_7 source version. Visit methods call #defaultAction defaultAction passing their arguments to defaultAction's corresponding parameters.

Methods in this class may be overridden subject to their general contract. Note that annotating methods in concrete subclasses with java.lang.Override @Override will help ensure that methods are overridden as intended.

WARNING: The AnnotationValueVisitor interface implemented by this class may have methods added to it in the future to accommodate new, currently unknown, language structures added to future versions of the Java™ programming language. Therefore, methods whose names begin with "visit" may be added to this class in the future; to avoid incompatibilities, classes which extend this class should not declare any instance methods with names beginning with "visit".

When such a new visit method is added, the default implementation in this class will be to call the #visitUnknown visitUnknown method. A new simple annotation value visitor class will also be introduced to correspond to the new language level; this visitor will have different default behavior for the visit method in question. When the new visitor is introduced, all or portions of this visitor may be deprecated. @param the return type of this visitor's methods @param the type of the additional parameter to this visitor's methods. @see SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor6 @see SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor8 @see SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor9 @since 1.7

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