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        public Object newInstance(Object ctrParamObj)
            throws NoSuchAlgorithmException {
            String type = getType();
            if (ctrParamObj != null) {
                throw new InvalidParameterException
                    ("constructorParameter not used with " + type +
                     " engines");
            String algo = getAlgorithm();
            try {
                if (type.equals("GssApiMechanism")) {
                    if (algo.equals("1.2.840.113554.1.2.2")) {
                        return new Krb5MechFactory();
                    } else if (algo.equals("")) {
                        return new SpNegoMechFactory();
            } catch (Exception ex) {
                throw new NoSuchAlgorithmException
                    ("Error constructing " + type + " for " +
                    algo + " using SunJGSS", ex);
            throw new ProviderException("No impl for " + algo +
                " " + type);

SpNego Mechanism plug in for JGSS This is the properties object required by the JGSS framework. All

mechanism specific information is defined here. @author Seema Malkani @since 1.6

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