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    public static String buildPem(PKCS12KeyStore p12, String keyAlias, char[] password) 
            throws Exception {
        PrivateKey key = (PrivateKey) p12.engineGetKey(keyAlias, password);
        StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
        Certificate[] chain = p12.engineGetCertificateChain(keyAlias);
        for (Certificate cert : chain) {
        return builder.toString();

    public static PKCS12KeyStore generateKeyStore(String dname, int validityDays,
            String alias, char[] password, OutputStream stream) throws Exception {
        GenRsaPair keyPair = new GenRsaPair();
        keyPair.generate(dname, new Date(), validityDays, TimeUnit.DAYS);
        PKCS12KeyStore p12KeyStore = new PKCS12KeyStore();
        X509Certificate[] chain = new X509Certificate[] {keyPair.getCertificate()};
        p12KeyStore.engineSetKeyEntry(alias, keyPair.getPrivateKey(), password, chain);
        p12KeyStore.engineStore(stream, password);
        return p12KeyStore;

This class provides the keystore implementation referred to as "PKCS12". Implements the PKCS#12 PFX

protected using the Password privacy mode. The contents are protected using Password integrity mode. Currently we support following PBE algorithms: - pbeWithSHAAnd3KeyTripleDESCBC to encrypt private keys - pbeWithSHAAnd40BitRC2CBC to encrypt certificates Supported encryption of various implementations : Software and mode. Certificate encryption Private key encryption --------------------------------------------------------------------- MSIE4 (domestic 40 bit RC2. 40 bit RC2 and xport versions) PKCS#12 export. MSIE4, 5 (domestic 40 bit RC2, 40 bit RC2, and export versions) 3 key triple DES 3 key triple DES PKCS#12 import. MSIE5 40 bit RC2 3 key triple DES, PKCS#12 export. with SHA1 (168 bits) Netscape Communicator 40 bit RC2 3 key triple DES, (domestic and export with SHA1 (168 bits) versions) PKCS#12 export Netscape Communicator 40 bit ciphers only All. (export version) PKCS#12 import. Netscape Communicator All. All. (domestic or fortified version) PKCS#12 import. OpenSSL PKCS#12 code. All. All. --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: PKCS12 KeyStore supports PrivateKeyEntry and TrustedCertficateEntry. PKCS#12 is mainly used to deliver private keys with their associated certificate chain and aliases. In a PKCS12 keystore, entries are identified by the alias, and a localKeyId is required to match the private key with the certificate. Trusted certificate entries are identified by the presence of an trustedKeyUsage attribute. @author Seema Malkani @author Jeff Nisewanger @author Jan Luehe @see KeyProtector @see @see KeyTool

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