Java Code Examples for org.springframework.web.method.annotation.SessionAttributesHandler

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	private boolean hasSessionAttributes(Class<?> handlerType) {
		SessionAttributesHandler handler = null;
		synchronized(this.sessionAttributesHandlerCache) {
			handler = this.sessionAttributesHandlerCache.get(handlerType);
			if (handler == null) {
				handler = new SessionAttributesHandler(handlerType, sessionAttributeStore);
				this.sessionAttributesHandlerCache.put(handlerType, handler);
		return handler.hasSessionAttributes();

	private boolean supportsReturnType(MethodParameter methodReturnType) {
		return (this.returnValueHandlers.supportsReturnType(methodReturnType) || Void.TYPE

Manages controller-specific session attributes declared via SessionAttributes @SessionAttributes. Ac

tual storage is delegated to a SessionAttributeStore instance.

When a controller annotated with @SessionAttributes adds attributes to its model, those attributes are checked against names and types specified via @SessionAttributes. Matching model attributes are saved in the HTTP session and remain there until the controller calls SessionStatus#setComplete(). @author Rossen Stoyanchev @author Juergen Hoeller @since 3.1

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